Most annoying habit: Nagging / impatient

Best quality: Loyal/ Honest 

Most proud of: My Lil Bro Gordon 

Favorite season: Summer

My favorite hobby: Chilaxin 

Favorite place to relax: Beach 

Favorite food: Chicken wings;) 

Favorite dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries

The one thing I would change about humanity: Cultural ignorance 

What I enjoy the most: Swimming in the ocean / Sleeping in the sun

Favorite colors: Pink and Gold 

Favorite television show: The Hills/ Project Runway 

I'm most comfortable: Talking about things I love 

Why am I a DJ?  Cuz it means I get to have fun at work  

Most unusual radio gig: Being on a morning show less than 2 months in 

If I could stalk one celeb, who would it be? Mark Walberg 

Craziest thing I ever did: Judge says I can’t discuss it. 

The thing I most remember about my parents: Their differences 

The thing I admire most in a person & myself: Loyalty and honesty

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