Hometown: East Lyme, Ct

Best quality: Very laid back

Favorite place to relax: At home in my recliner with beer in the fridge, burger in hand, and sports on the tv

Most proud of: My work ethic

What I enjoy the most: Good food, good beer, good people

Favorite colors: Green

Favorite season: Fall

My favorite hobby: Sports, Baseball and Football

Favorite television show: Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Most unusual radio gig: Well so far... Having to ride a kids bike 12 miles to work

Worst Habit: Being right all the time

Craziest thing I ever did:When I was 8 I was being a “stuntman” and I was jumping off my neighbors deck. Well I decided that the deck wasn't high enough. A Real stuntman would go off the roof.  So I found a latter climbed up on the roof and jumped off. I broke my wrist  .  Knowing I would get in trouble, natrually I lied to my mom and said I tripped on a rock. 20 years later she still thinks I tripped on a rock. Sorry Mom!

The thing I admire most in a person & myself: Loyalty

Something not many people know about me: I can break out of hand cuffs. Its a cool trick.  The cops don't really think its cool.

The most annoying thing others do to make me mad: Drive slow or people who use the word goofy or neat

If I could meet one person it would be: Bob Marley

My most unusual job: Maintenace in a nursing home

Most annoying habit: I snore (or so I have been told I have never heard it)


Miss L and Steve-O bike to work for "National Ride Your Bike to Work Week" Guess who doesn't do so good.......

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