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Jamain Austin Pabon Sr, musically known as PuhBare/PuhBarrio, was born and raised in Norwich Connecticut with frequent trip to the island of Puerto Rico due to his hereditary collaborations. Puerto Rican by way of his father and African/Native American through his mother, PuhBarrio was exposed to multiple facets of music. Coincidentally being born into a family of musicians, PuhBarrio got an early start in honing in on his obvious craft. Supported by his elder brother Nestor Pabon Jr. A.k.a. (Nasty Nes), who so happens to be his biggest influence, PuhBarrio began working with then local DJ’s ( DJ D-Smooth). Later teaming up with Bigg Choice/Playaz Choice Bigg Choice/Choice Ent, DJ Bigg Mayo and DJ Roddy Rod (Mass Pike), R&B Artist and very close friend Arika Kane From B.S.E Recordings, Dj D'vyne, Dj 007, Dj Figure,Dj Leo, D-Block, Notch Formally From Born Jamaricans, and many more dj's and artists. He help to construct rap groups that in clubs all over Connecticut and Rhode Island Creating a buzz for himself for being consistent and having an uncanny ability to blend songs, PuhBarrio worked his way up to becoming fortunate enough to have worked with The Wu Tang and the Wu Tang Latino Dj Tito & Mangani, DJ Chubby Chub, DJ Clue,and reggae artist Mad Lion from B.D.P. Incorporating his Caribbean ancestry he also worked the reggae scene. DJ ing alongside talents like, DJ Bam Bam and DJ Juice, Dj Who Kid, Hot 93.7 Dj Pheenom,Dj Wrexx The Beast PuhBarrio remained consistent. It was only destined that his creativity afforded him the ability to write, compose and produce songs. Continuing on this path, Puhbarrio became a well-known and respected musical artist and a well-known dj for jammin 107.7 fm in connecticut, and is honored to be working with Miss l and brian Rams, Kid David and more. Puhbarrio still continues to produce,write songs,make beats and dj as well as record and produce other artists and drop mixtapes for your listening pleasure. Puhbarrio has a goal to never quit what he loves to do. And that is music!


Hometown: Norwich, Ct

Best quality: personality

Favorite place to relax: is in the studio while listening to my creations from myself and artist ive worked wit.

Most proud of: my oldest son Jamain Jr A.K.A Akurit for being such a good artist/rapper/producer just like his daddy lol :)

What I enjoy the most: producing music

Favorite season: summer

My favorite hobby: anything to feed the brain. I like learning new things

Favorite television show: Family guy

Most unusual radio gig: dressed up as peanuts the elephant and did a cartwheel and fell lol

Worst Habit: biting my nails

Craziest thing I ever did: jumped off a wall at indian leap into the water with my nfa football gear on then shaved my head the same day because my teammates did aswell lol

The thing I admire most in a person & myself: Loyalty

Something not many people know about me: hmmmmm. Scared of thunder and lightning....shhhh! lol

The most annoying thing others do to make me mad: ask me the same thing over and over!!

If I could meet one person it would be: russel simmons

My most unusual job: male stripper lol jk

Most annoying habit: I pace wen on the phone or talking, lol

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